CCG at the Iberian General Assembly of the 5GMOBIX Project

CCG was present at the General Assembly of the European project 5GMOBIX, which took place at the Technological Center of the Automation of Galicia (CTAG), on 10 April.

This assembly brought together the Spanish and Portuguese project participants – some of the main engines of 5GMOBIX. The aim was to prepare the different stages of the project and to define the joint strategy for the implementation of 5G technology, which will occur in the coming months.

Image and news source: CTAG

5GMOBIX Project – objective

The 5GMOBIX project aims to specify, deploy and evaluate 5G services that will support Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM), thereby defining different use cases for Autonomous and Connected Driving, which will use 5G technology as a communications base channel for improving the safety and comfort of the services implanted in the vehicles.

Porto – Vigo Corridor of 5GMOBIX

The Portugal – Spain corridor, between Porto and Vigo, is the most important cross-border corridor where the tests defined within the scope of the project will be carried out. This corridor will give a strong impetus in both countries for the development of opportunities around the 5G in the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) sector.

Only with the collaboration of the different members of the Iberian consortium will it be possible to carry out all the necessary implementation in its different phases (infrastructures, communications, vehicles, users). This corridor thus includes partners that cover the entire value chain, incorporating public institutions, research centers, telecommunications companies and car manufacturers.

The corridor will explore the challenges of continuous interoperability between different countries and carrier types (public and private).

The main use case addressed will be underpinned by the benefits of 5G technology to enable private autonomous vehicles to succeed in different complex intercity settings (eg from Vigo to Oporto), while other use cases include interurban scenarios for public transport and vehicles.

Image source: 5GMOBIX

Iberian consortium

The Portuguese-Spanish consortium consists of CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica, NOS, Infraestruturas de Portugal, Norte Litoral, Siemens, Nokia Portugal, DGT, IMT, Telefónica, Nokia Bell Labs, Siemens, Concello de Vigo, CTAG, Dekra, ALSA , AEVAC, University of Murcia, IT, TIS and A-To-B.

This consortium aims to strengthen the development of 5G technology and autonomous driving, which will become a reality in the coming years.

In this 5GMOBIX project, CCG will coordinate the user acceptance assessment of technologies at all test sites and will carry out the technical coordination of the Luso-Spanish corridor.

The first tests of the project will start at the end of 2019, starting with laboratory tests and test tracks, reaching the road by 2020. The tests will continue until 2021, the year the project ends.

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