CCG at the European Commission, defining the strategy for 5G for CCAM

The Urban and Mobile Computing department coordinator, João Moutinho, integrating the technical direction of the 5G-Mobix project was invited to participate in a meeting at the European Commission, at DG-Connect, with the agenda of preparing the future of Intelligent Transport Systems (namely Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility – CCAM) using 5G. This is an opportunity to collaborate on the definition of the 5G strategy for CCAM and positively influence the definition of the next work programs and CEF Digital (Connecting Europe Facility).

CCG integrates the 5G-Mobix project through its Urban and Mobile Computing and Perception Interaction and Usability departments with the important task of developing use cases for connected, cooperative and automated driving in the Porto-Vigo corridor and influencing the future of these technologies. The first tests will start at the beginning of the second semester of 2020  and will put autonomous vehicles (from CTAG – project partner and project corridor coordinator) on the Portuguese and Spanish roads to define the future of mobility together with our Portuguese, Spanish and European partners. The future of mobility is already here on our roads and the GCC is part of that future!