EPMQ (IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality) is the R&D Department that focuses on Software Engineering, in particular, regarding Processes, Data, Maturity and Quality of Systems Engineering and Information Technologies. It leads its projects to respond to the need for innovation with its customers and partners, in methodological and organizational issues, linked to information systems engineering.


Business models for the digital economy

Identification innovation opportunities in business models.

Software and business processes

Definition and implementation of software and business processes customized to the client’s needs.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems.

Development of artificial intelligence solutions and intelligent decision support systems for Industry 4.0.

Data analytics and information visualization.

Processes implementation covering data management, information retrieval, knowledge analysis and conceptual understanding in the context of organizational systems.

Software Architecture and Data Engineering.

Specification, design and implementation of enterprise data management frameworks.

Ontologies and interoperability.

Development of ontological models that ensure a common unified language used by all information systems intervening in the network (interoperability), when sharing and communicating information.

Cloud computing and blockchain.

Development of Cloud Computing platforms, micro-services, and solutions using Blockchain technology, analyzing their applied value in the industry.



Coordenador Científico
Scientific Coordinator
Ricardo J. Machado
Coordenador de Desenvolvimento
Development Coordinator
Ana Lima
Co-coordenador de Desenvolvimento
Development Co-coordinator
Paula Monteiro