CVIG (Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics) is the R&D Department intrinsically linked to computer vision and computer graphics. The integration of these areas allows the study and development of innovative technological solutions, ranging from real image interpretation to operationalization, with partially or totally virtualized environments.


Computer graphics, virtual, augmented and mixed reality

Environments for prototyping creation, simulation, virtual training and remote assistance, with support for human-computer interaction based on natural interfaces or based on peripherals.

Computer vision

Digital image analysis, pattern recognition and automatic optical inspection.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Applied to image/video/point cloud (3D) development.

Visual data analytics and information visualization.

Digital analysis of real or synthetic image-based data and virtual environments for interactive and intuitive visualization.



Coordenador Científico
Scientific Coordinator
Luís Magalhães
Coordenador de Desenvolvimento
Development Coordinator
Telmo Adão