UMC (Urban and Mobile Computing) is the R&D department related to urban and mobile computing. It works in emerging areas and applies technologies aimed at efficient energy management, creating smart solutions for cities, people and their mobility, and develops innovative solutions using different computing and communication technologies.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems.

Study, analysis and processing applied to sensor data and mobility data.

Mobile computing and advanced positioning systems

Mobile applications development and creation of solutions for positioning in buildings interior spaces.

IoT, networks of sensors and precision.

Development of solutions based on sensor networks

Application over 5G and 6G networks, for new services develpment

New applications creation built on public and private cellular networks

Vehicular communications.

Vehicle networks development for the automotive industry

Data analytics and information visualization.

Mobility data analysis



Coordenador Científico
Scientific Coordinator
Adriano Moreira
Coordenador de Desenvolvimento
Development Coordinator
Filipe Meneses