Papers@CCG event promoted the scientific activity

The Papers @ CCG event was held on June 13 at CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica.

It consisted of a workshop to present and discuss scientific articles published and accepted in conferences and journals of the specialty, resulting from the work of the elements of the various teams of the CCG.

Papers in presentation and discussion

In this workshop open to the entire scientific community and to the community of University of Minho were presented the following papers:

  • “Tailoring ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3 Standard for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, by Paulo Eira.
  • “A three-staged approach to medicine box recognition”, by Nelson Alves.
  • “Psychophysical validation of binaurally processed sound superimposed upon environmental sound via an unobstructed pinna and an open-ear-canal earspeaker”, by Frederico Pereira.
  • “Heritage BIM integration with mixed reality for building preventive maintenance”, by Nuno Sousa.
  • “A Retrofitting Auction Service Business Model Proposal within a Smart City Context”, by Pedro Torrinha.
  • “A Use Error Taxonomy for Improving Human-Machine Interface Design in Medical Devices”, by Carlos Silva.


This way, a variety of themes were discussed in different fields of activity (health, standards and software engineering in SMEs, sustainability of smart cities, binaural sound operation, conservation of heritage).

In the health area, for example, were discussed the automatic recognition of medicine boxes for use by the elder population and the improvement of the human-machine interface design in medical devices.

In the area of cultural heritage, the discussion was on the application of the mixed reality in the improvement of the process of preservation of the patrimony.

These and the other scientific publications of the different fields of applied research of this institution may be viewed online on the CCG website.