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The Trans Portugal Galicia Network Project, TORGA.net, was a proposal to the Program Interregional IIIA, Galicia – North of Portugal sub-program with the following partners: University of Minho, University of Vigo, Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia and the Centro de Computação Gráfica in Guimarães. It hás as its main objective the creation of infrastructures and the organization and development of the space beyond borders.

The project proposes to establish a broadband communication network with reduced operational costs that links the campuses of the Universities of Vigo and Minho, as well as their associated Technological Centers, which are the Supercomputación the Galicia and the Centro de Computação

Gráfica in Guimarães.

Using this telecommunications infrastructure, Access Centers will be installed in a Technology Access Grid, which will allow distance work sessions such as seminars, lessons, or discussion meetings.


The general objective is to improve the indispensable tele-communication networks to enable the development of suitable access conditions for several applications of the information society. By using this communication infrastructure, it is intended to achieve the following specific objectives:

– The development of an R&D pilot project to be executed in the network as an eLearning platform,

– the promotion of common activities such as:

– Initial training and post-graduation courses,

– works related to the completion of careers including graduate and licentiate theses,

– access to specialized jobs,

– joint projects,

– scientific and technological meetings with companies,

– meetings of researchers from similar investigative areas, and – access to cross-border job offers.


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