National Museum of Resistance and Freedom has an audio guide developed by CCG for a truly immersive experience

The applied research domains PIU and UMC of the CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica, participated in the development of an innovative audio guide that uses binaural (3D sound) captures for a totally immersive visit to the new National Museum of Resistance and Freedom (MNRL) in Peniche.

The MNRL is the latest National Museum and intends to tell the story of the many political prisoners who passed through the Peniche Fortress.

Using the audio guide developed by CCG, in collaboration with Wiseware and actors of the theater group “The Confederation”, the visitor will hear the history of the Fort of Peniche as a prison always punctuated by acoustic notes that intend to reproduce with high fidelity the experiences political prisoners themselves lived in Peniche.

Due to its high focus on the sensory isolation of its prison community – isolated cells, high walls, little contact with the outside – Peniche Fort was especially known for leaving very vivid acoustic memories to those who passed through there.

In the midst of silence, the sound was a company.

There is a sound when we are in jail that never gets out of our ears…

Testimonies of Mário de Carvalho and Domingues Abrantes, two former inmates of the Fort Peniche prison.

In Peniche there were 2510 prisoners. Among them the writer Mário de Carvalho, the adviser of State Domingos Abrantes, the historian Fernando Rosas and the leader of the PCP Álvaro Cunhal.

Frederico Pereira, CCG – PIU researcher, recording ambient sounds in the paragliding of the Fort of Peniche for the audio guide. Photo by Rádio Renascença

In the following report, by Rádio Renascença, CCG researcher Frederico Pereira explains how it was possible to reproduce these acoustic memories in the audio guide content. It is from the 11 minutes and 20 seconds of the report that you can testify the importance of sound, the creation of the audioguide and the experience of capturing sound in this fortress.

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