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Reinforcement of the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the business sector

Transfer of Scientific and Technological Knowledge from CCG – SIAC TT

2017 - 2019

The SIAC TT project has as main objective to reinforce the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the business sector, promoting a greater effectiveness in the R & I System and the creation of value in organizations.

With this project, the CCG - Centre for Computer Graphics intends to carry out a set of actions that stimulate and foster the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of its 4 areas of specialization (CVIG, EPMQ, PIU, UMC) to the business sectors, as well as stimulating and enhancing its economic activities of the North region of the country.

With the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge, it is intended to contribute to:

  • create value in organizations;
  • improve tradable solutions;
  • increase in exports (of products and services);
  • strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the North region.


In accordance with these objectives, the action plan is constituted by 3 complementary initiatives and one last one, transversal to all others, of dissemination and dissemination of results:

  • Action 1 - Initiatives of Interaction and Knowledge Transfer of "computer graphics";
  • Action 2 - Actions to disseminate, disseminate and integrate scientific and technological knowledge in the business fabric;
  • Action 3 - Actions for the economic valuation of R & D results;
  • Action 4 - Dissemination actions and dissemination of results.

The project NORTE-02-0246-FEDER-000037, approved on 07/06/2018, has the co-financing of the Operational Program Norte2020, and European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

  • Eligible investment of € 398,184.17
  • Financial support ERDF: € 338,456.55