CCG has two Associate Constituents: University of Minho, and FEHST SGPS, S.A. as well members from the business and associative sector.

Universidade do Minho

The University of Minho is a reference for teaching and learning of high quality, not only for Portuguese universities, but also for Europe and the world. UM demonstrates a significant capacity for change by being a pioneer in several areas of teaching and training and research.

Year of membership: 2000


Fehst S.A. is an international parts supplier for the automotive industry, specializing in plastic interior decorative components. We provide a complete solution to the industry that includes development, project management, logistics, and production under a rigorous quality management system.

Year of membership: 2014


AMI - Tecnologias para Transportes, SA. is dedicated to the development, commercialization, installation and technical assistance of automatic systems of management and control.

Year of membership: 2006


Caso is a consulting firm with a strategic vocation and orientation for comprehensive initiatives that involve the synergistic and integrated contribution of the available competences and the accumulated experience and know-how in the domains..

Year of membership: 2007


CENTIMFE is a non-profit public institution that integrates companies, sector associations and public partners, whose performance is embodied in a consistent and integrated approach to the launch of bases for Industrial competitiveness.

Year of membership: 1993

Câmara Municipal de Guimarães

The Municipal Council of Guimarães is the autonomous organ of this county and its mission is to define and execute policies in order to defend the interests and satisfy the needs of the local population.

Year of membership: 2001


The Technology Center for Textiles and Clothing provides textile and clothing companies with a portfolio of services that includes laboratory tests, product certification, technical and technological consulting, R & D + innovation, training, fashion and design.

Year of membership: 2017

CP - Comboios de Portugal

CP is a public business entity owned 100% by the Portuguese State, constituting itself as one of the most representative Portuguese companies and the largest land transport company operating in Portugal.

Year of membership: 1997


The Technological Center of Footwear of Portugal is a non-profit organization, founded by APICCAPS and two Institutes of the Ministry of Economy, IAPMEI and INETI, from the Laboratory of Quality Control.

Year of membership: 2001

Cunha & Gomes

Cunha & Gomes is one of the oldest companies in Guimarães in the IT sector, with more than 25 years of experience and a wide range of clients, proving the seriousness of its professionals.

Year of membership: 2007


CVR - Centre for Waste Valorisation, with 18 years of existence, is a Technological Interface Centre located in Guimarães, at the University of Minho Campus. It has 2000m² of laboratory space in its headquarters building and is dedicated to research, scientific analysis and application of real solutions in the prevention and waste valorization area..

Year of membership: 2007


MultiSector Norte - Consultants in Strategy, Technology and Industrial Management, Lda is a company that develops its activity with the SMEs, specializing in the management support services for the TIE's and the capital goods industries.

Year of membership: 2007

Primavera BSS

PRIMAVERA is serving business management needs since 1993, believing in technology as one of the main driving forces behind business management. PRIMAVERA is the first company to develop management solutions for Windows in Portugal back in 1993.

Year of membership: 2018


SINFIC aims to put information, management and quality technologies at the service of organizations strengthening their competitiveness and the sustainability of social and economic development.

Year of membership: 2002


SISMODULAR creates technological solutions for the sectors of industry and health, through consulting and development of hardware and software solutions in its areas of competence.

Year of membership: 2007


TLCI is one of the main national players in the telecommunications business through the provision of strategic and multiplatform services, attending to the increasing need of personalization by the client.

Year of membership: 2001

Martins & Agrelos

Martins & Agrelos - Sistemas de Informação for the management of production, Lda. provides concrete and measurable results of productivity gains and competitiveness of companies.

Year of membership: 2008


ULTRAFORMA is a technology-based company dedicated to the implementation and supply of innovative solutions for the area of information and communication technologies.

Year of membership: 2007