DTx Digital Transformation CoLab

CCG is an affiliated member of the DTx Digital Transformation CoLab, a CoLab that aims to address new paradigms in products, services and the human-machine interface, while promoting collaborative research and technological development.

ProChild: Collaborative Laboratory

The CCG integrates the ProChild CoLAB - "ProChild CoLAB Against Poverty and Social Exclusion" - a collaborative laboratory aimed at effective social change in the country by placing children at the center of research and innovation through the use of social technology and collaboration between several private and public entities


iMan Norte Hub

The mission of the Digital Innovation Hub for Customer-Driven Manufacturing @ Norte (iManNorte Hub) is to foster the digital transformation of manufacturing companies of the Northern Region of Portugal (Norte) and to nurture the respective innovation ecosystem.

Health Cluster Portugal

The Health Cluster Portugal has as its main objective the promotion and implementation of initiatives and activities leading to the consolidation of a national cluster for competitiveness, innovation and technology, with an international outlook.


PRODUTECH - Production Technologies Cluster is an articulated network of manufacturing technology providers capable of responding to both competitiveness and sustainability challenges and to the manufacturing industry’s requirements with innovative, flexible, integrated and competitive solutions.

Cluster Têxtil: Tecnologia e Moda

The Textile Cluster: Technology and Fashion is a sectoral support structure which aims to stimulate processes of interaction, articulation, collaboration and information sharing within the economic aggregate itself, acting as an instrument to obtain increments of competitiveness for innovation and internationalization.


The MDevNet project: National Medical Devices Knowledge Transfer Network aims to value the knowledge developed by entities of the R & I system on technologically based medical devices through efficient technology transfer processes for the industry.


MOBINOV is a platform that brings together knowledge and skill within the automotive industry, in order to promote a growing appreciation of the competitiveness and internationalisation of the sector.


The National Portuguese ICT Cluster - TICE.PT engages and mobilizes relevant actors throughout Portugal, and in particular in the regions of Braga, Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon, covering the entire value chain in the area of ICT. The concertation platform ensures and promotes the interfaces between the academic world and the business world.



The members of GraphicsVision.AI are international research institutions and innovation driven companies that share a common vision and interest in technologies like Computer Graphics, Multimodal-Multimedia, Visual Interactive Digital Media, Visualization and Simulation.
The CCG is a founding member of this network.


The NEM Initiative – New European Media Initiative – is a European Technology Platform, fostering the convergence among Media, Content, Creative industries, Social Media, Broadcasting and Telecom sectors, as well as Consumer electronics to develop a common innovation environment for the new European media landscape.


NESSI, the Networked Software and Services Initiative, is the European Technology Platform, for this new Digital Information Society and Economy powered by software and services and data. NESSI promotes that software, services, and data are key enablers to help resolve European societal and economic challenges across all sectors.



CVR - Centre for Waste Valorisation, with 18 years of existence, is a Technological Interface Centre located in Guimarães, at the University of Minho Campus. It has 2000m² of laboratory space in its headquarters building and is dedicated to research, scientific analysis and application of real solutions in the prevention and waste valorization area.


The APDC - Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications - is a platform for debate and reflection on all the decisive and mobilizing themes of the transformation to digital.


The Technology Center for Textiles and Clothing provides textile and clothing companies with a portfolio of services that includes laboratory tests, product certification, technical and technological consulting, R&D + innovation, training, fashion and design.

Casa do Conhecimento

The House of Knowledge aims to promote knowledge, creativity and innovation, creating equal conditions in access to digital technologies.


The Technological Center of Footwear of Portugal is a non-profit organization, founded by APICCAPS and two Institutes of the Ministry of Economy, IAPMEI and INETI, from the Laboratory of Quality Control.

VARD 2015

Régie Cooperativa whose objective is to define, implement and follow the strategy of Information Systems of the Ave's Region.


ISO/TC 22/SC 39/WG 3

The GCC participates in the working group ISO / TC 22 / SC 39 / WG 3, which addresses the interaction of the driver with the environment and with the driving systems.

CT 103 - Two Wheel Vehicles

The CCG is part of the Technical Commission for Standardization "CT 103 - Two Wheel Vehicles", a technical body that draws up normative documents and opinions in the field of two-wheeled vehicles, with or without a motor and accessories.

CT 196 – Electronic Invoice

The CCG is part of the Technical Commission for Standardization "CT 196 - Electronic Invoice", a technical body that aims to prepare normative documents and opinions on the dematerialisation of documents at European level and electronic invoices.

CT 199 - Information Systems for Health

The CCG includes the Technical Commission for Standardization "CT 199 - Information Systems for Health", which aims to prepare normative documents and opinions regarding Health Information and Communication Technologies and Systems.