Bosch develops technology from the future from Braga

The President of the Municipal Council of Braga, Ricardo Rio, accompanied the Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, on Monday, June 29, during a visit to the Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal headquarters in Braga, Portugal, in the context of the first phase of the Human Machine Interface Excellence (HMIExcel) project, a partnership between Bosch and the University of Minho, which aims to develop and produce the future concept of mobility in the automotive sector.

The project, which began two years ago, represents an investment of 19 million euros, resulting in 14 projects and ten patents registered in the development of the cockpit of the future, involving about 300 people. For the next three years, the partnership foresees an investment of 56 million euros in the evolution of 38 new projects, with the German company based in Braga betting on the hiring of another thousand employees by 2020. This was praised by Ricardo Rio, remembering that Braga has been a source of good news and signs of hope in the future.

“From an economic point of view, the indicators of reducing unemployment, net creation of new jobs and attracting investment, projects that help the development of the territory, Braga has played a notable role in the various areas of activity,” he said. Recalling the words of the Prime Minister in a recent visit to the capital of Minho, where Pedro Passos Coelho stated that “it was important that the country knew how to follow the pedaling of Braga”, the Autarch said that this project HMIExcel, “is one of many proofs of a strategy that is outlined among all the agents of the territory and that passes to take advantage of the many resources that Braga has to offer “, emphasizing, in particular, the University of Minho and Bosch,” one of the main economic agents of Braga ” and that has had a posture of “great interaction with the Bracarense community”.

The project had already been patronized by the prime minister at the beginning of the process. Now, two years later, Pedro Passos Coelho showed his satisfaction for “witnessing the success of the project and the renewal of that ambition for the near future.” “The national economy needs to benefit greatly from the innovation and quality improvement of its human capital and the Government is committed to supporting projects that, like this, are a clear asset for the development of our Country,” he said, adding that “partnerships between solid and global companies such as Bosch and dynamic institutions such as the University of Minho are an example that should be reflected throughout the national territory.” For its part, the rector of the University of Minho, António Cunha, said that this is “a fantastic project with a lot of ambition and a challenge for both parties, in order to shape the future and be a reference in technology level world “. Already Sven Ost, Bosch administrator, said that this is a “very special moment” for the company, to the University, for the region and for the whole country, in recognition of “one of the most ambitious projects of research and technological development some once held in Portugal and considered of national strategic interest, “thanking the Portuguese Government for all its support in the implementation of the HMIExcel project. The company continues to look at Bosch in Braga “as a competitive location for development and production activities”, arguing that with this project the German company has “actively contributed to building the reputation of the technology developed and produced in Portugal, and exported globally, “he concluded.

Source: Braga TV Online | 30.06.2015