BUILD: the future of mobility and sustainability is under construction

BUILD: Braga Urban Innovation Laboratory Demonstrator

This is the name of the new urban intelligence project that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon intensity in the city of Braga. The CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica is a scientific partner of this project.

The public presentation session of BUILD and the signing of the cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Braga and its various partners took place on September 17, at the Paços do Concelho of this city.

Presentation session and signing of the cooperation agreement of the BUILD project

The project started in April 2018 and ends in May 2019. It is part of the Living Laboratories program for Decarbonization, with the support of the Ministry of the Environment through the Environmental Fund. It has a cost of 800 thousand euros and is co-financed to 49.4%.

BUILD: plan of action

BUILD promotes the development, validation and testing of new technologies, services, and their applications in a real context, to be implemented later at the county level and ideally at the national level.

The initial intervention area is located in São Vicente and São Victor, Braga. Through the Urban Innovation Laboratory (UIL) – an experimentation laboratory dedicated to territorialization in an urban environment, supported by the research of the scientific partners of this project – the operation of the technological infrastructure implemented and associated services will be guaranteed.

BUILD: partners

BUILD results from the building of a scientific and strategic partnership between::

  • Universidade do Minho (UM);
  • Centro de Computação Gráfica (CCG);
  • Laboratório Internacional de Nanotecnologia (INL);
  • Transportes Urbanos de Braga;
  • Braval;
  • Agere;
  • Junta de Freguesia de S. Victor;
  • Junta de Freguesia de S. Vicente.

CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica – contributions

Eng. Jorge Batista, representative of the Board of Directors of CCG, at the presentation of the BUILD project

The contribution of the CCG to the Living Laboratories for the Decarbonization of the city of Braga consists of the provision of services for the development and coordination of technological tasks that comprise:

  • the development of a system for the management and concentration of sensor, information and communication data with citizens;
  • a citizen information portal, with the most relevant aspects of the Living Laboratory for the Decarbonization, which will be the basis for dissemination and insertion of contents (by the backoffice) and the site of the initiative of the competition of energy efficiency of the schools of the BUILD zone;
  • the development of a public information system based on the display of prioritized content dependent on various layouts, locations and types of public screens: interiors (schools, public places, etc.) with information on project KPIs, dissemination and education / awareness of the citizen; and exteriors with public information on parking capacity, traffic, air quality, safety, etc.;
  • the development of a mobile application of information and interaction with the citizen, with features for collecting citizen information for crowsourcing purposes using gamification strategies;
  • technical coordination of various technological supplies (environmental and meteorological sensor systems, public lighting, monitoring of electricity and water consumption, photovoltaic production, road traffic, indoor/outdoor/tactile screens, charging of electric vehicles, intelligent walkways, and management platforms and control) of the project;
  • the human resources coordination activities of the UIL operation in the field of information technology.

This work will be carried out by the domain of applied research UMC – Urban and Mobile Computing – of the CCG.