CCG in the tracks of “Path of Innovation’ 18”

The “Caminho da Inovação’ 18 / Path of Innovation’ 18 – Expo & Networking” took place on September 26, at the Fábrica de Água of Alcântara.

The CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica participated in this event, through its domain of applied research CVIG – Computer Vision Interaction and Graphics.

The “Caminho da Inovação” is an annual event dedicated to innovation in the water sector that discusses the future of an indispensable asset to life. It is an event for sharing knowledge on this sector and to present innovative case studies.

In addition to the exhibition of research projects, lectures, networking sessions and the delivery of innovation awards were held.

The demonstration of the CVIG focused on the “Fábricas de Água do Futuro – Visão do tratamento das águas residuais do futuro”/”Future Water Factories – Future Wastewater Treatment Vision”.

The CVIG demonstrated an Hololens application and a mobile application developed for Águas do Tejo Atlântico.

CCG presentation, by CVIG, at the “Caminho da Inovação’ 18 – Expo & Networking” event, at the Fábrica de Água de Alcântara.