Center for Computer Graphics counts with a new constituent member – FEHST SGPS, S.A.

The CCG / ZGDV – Center for Computer Graphics Association has since October, a new constituent member, the company FEHST SGPS, S.A., a group with operations in several sectors, such as the automotive components industry, industrial automation and home automation. FEHST SGPS, S.A. stands as the second largest associate, holding 26% of the association’s assets.
According to João Nuno Oliveira, Executive Director of the Center for Computer Graphics (CCG), this new associate represents an important opportunity and challenge for the CCG, since it is an industrial partner that opens doors to new and emerging sectors, at the same time time that strengthens the market orientation of the GCC. With this integration, the GCC will be able to contribute more intensely to the technological innovation efforts of FESHT SGPS, both at product level and in the R & D process of the group companies.

With its twenty years of existence, CCG / ZGDV dedicates its activity to applied research and development in the fields of computer graphics, information technology, communication and electronics, as well as its applications, in a national context and international. FEHST SGPS, S.A. joins the University of Minho and the ZGDV – Zentrum für Foren in der grafischen Datenverarbeitung as constituent members.


Fonte: CCG | 2014