CCG held an Open Day for the entire community

O CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica held an Open Day on November 23, 2018, at the time of the celebrations of its 25th anniversary.

With the opening of doors of the four domains of applied research (DIA – CVIG, EPMQ, PIU and UMC) of the CCG to the community, the companies, institutions and individualities present were made aware of what is best done in this technological center.

Each of the four DIA demonstrated current projects in CCG. Some of these projects are transversal to more than one CCG domain.

Examples of projects, skills and demonstration technologies in CCG:

  • AGATHA (CVIG) – recognition of people and objects using computer vision;
  • Senior Inclusive (CVIG) – support for medication, avatar and virtual assistant for the elderly;
  • HeritageCARE (CVIG, EPMQ, UMC) – monument inspection and heritage conservation;
  • UH4SP (CVIG e EPMQ) – remote assistance, maintenance and industry management;
  • 3D Cluster/Innovcar (PIU) – auto-stereoscopic display, 3D car dashboard;
  • MaxCut4Fish (CVIG) – automatic and intelligent cutting of frozen fish;
  • Location and Sensing Engine (UMC) – tracing people indoors;
  • Gateway2IoT (UMC) – connection of equipment to information systems;
  • 3D Acoustic (PIU) – capture and pickup of 3D sound.

The Open Day lasted all day and was attended by hundreds of people. The present individualities came from the business world, scientific and academic.

This Open Day, carried out within the framework of the SIAC TT project – transfer of scientific and technological knowledge, allowed all visitors to get close contact with new technologies in general and in particular with this technological interface center.

This action has the co-financing of the Operational Program Norte2020, and European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund, in the context of actions Transfer of Scientific and Technological Knowledge of the CCG.