CCG in session 2 of “Bistas Largas – para ver mais do que o óbvio”

The second edition of the event “BISTAS LARGAS – PARA VER MAIS DO QUE O ÓBVIO”, will occur at September 21st, between 3 and 6 pm, at the Casa do Infante, in Porto. The CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica will be present at the event.

Dedicated to medical device regulamentation / certification, this session is held by CINTESIS – Centro de Investigação em Tecnologias e Serviços de Saúde, with the support of ScaleUp Porto. It is developed in a partnership between Fraunhofer Portugal and MDevNet.

The session, which is part of the third working meeting of this national knowledge transfer network, will involve participations from the CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica, the INFARMED – Autoridade Nacional do Medicamentos e Produtos de Saúde, the APORMED – Associação Portuguesa das Empresas de Dispositivos Médicos, the Health Cluster Portugal, and the HealPro.

CCG’s participation at the session

Carlos Silva, the development coordinator of the group Perception, Interaction, and Usability (PIU) of the CCG, and one of the authors of the publication “A Use Error Taxonomy for Improving Human-Machine Interface Design in Medical Devices“, will be one of the participants in the panel discussion devoted to discussing the new regulatory and certification challenges for medical devices.

For this discussion, the CCG’s representative will contribute with his perspective and experience regarding human factor challenges and testing with users during the process of developing new medical devices. This is a hot topic that has gained increasing relevance following the latest changes to European legislation for medical device certification.

“Bistas Largas” sessions

The aim of this event “Bistas Largas” is to deepen knowledge and to improve skills in key areas such as the marketing and internationalization requirements of medical devices.

The initiative seeks to bring together entrepreneurs, economic agents, entities of the R & I system, government institutions, professionals belonging to the scientific and technological system and other stakeholders in the development of businesses that they want to impose on the current market. This will enable networking and synergies to generate new ideas and innovation.


15h00: Opening Ceremony

15h10: Presentations

  • Mariana Madureira, Coordinator of Medical Device sector, INFARMED
  • Nuno Felício, NBD Coordinator, Fraunhofer Portugal/MDevNet

15h40: Coffee-break

16h15: Let’s Talk it Over // MDevNet Network

  • Moderador: Nuno Felício, New Business Development Coordinator, Fraunhofer Portugal/MDevNet
  • Antonieta Lucas, Presidente, APORMED – Associação Portuguesa das Empresas de Dispositivos Médicos (Portuguese Association of Medical Devices Interprises)
  • Cristina Sampaio, U-Monitor
  • Carlos Silva, Development Coordinator, CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica
  • Luís Soares, Chief Strategy Officer/Coordinator of TRIS-HCP, Health Cluster Portugal
  • Mariana Madureira, Coordinator of Medical Device Sector, INFARMED, I.P.
  • Alexandre Cruz, Regulatory Affairs, HealPro

The entrance is free. Registrations on the following link.