CCG participated in CGAIC 2019 and celebrated a new collaboration project

Carlos Silva,  PIU’s – Perception, Interaction, and Usability Applied Research Domain Development Coordinator, completed a two weeks mission in China.

Carlos Silva started his journey on the 27th of September by participating in the Chinese-German Artificial Intelligence Conference (CGAIC 2019) as an invited speaker to talk about the impact of AI in the automotive industry. In his talk, Carlos Silva considered the impact of AI technologies in human-vehicle interface systems, in passive and active safety systems, and mobility as a whole. This was also an opportunity to present some projects of the different CCG’s research groups in the automotive sector, as well as to paint an image of the current national (Portuguese) scenario regarding applied research in transportation.

On the 30th of September, Carlos Silva traveled to the city of Jiangmen, where he participated as a guest in the inauguration of a new AI Lab at Wuyi’s University. During this day, he repeated the talk to Wuyi’s students and later signed the first collaboration agreement between CCG, University of Wuyi and CGAII a CCG’s partner in GraphicsMedia.Net). This collaboration will allow for the development of a project that will see researchers from CCG and CGAII collaborating in the development and installment of a new driving simulator at the University of Wuyi.

CCG hopes that this project will mark the beginning of a long actuation in Asia that might see further projects in areas of such importance as automotive, industry 4.0, and AI.