CCG in the presentation of SONAE results for 2017

The presentation of SONAE results for the year 2017 took place on March 15 at the company’s facilities in Maia. The CCG – Centre for Computer Graphics – was one of the guests present at the event.

The theme of SONAE’s 2017 annual presentation was technology. Among a range of hundreds of ongoing projects, the CCG was invited to present the mixed reality project applied to training in the context of logistics. This is one of the works developed in CCG through the applied research domain CVIG (Computer Vision Interaction and Graphics).

Of the 6 projects demonstrated in the SONAE event open to the media, the CCG was the only entity external to SONAE.

Mixed Reality CCG Demo

The CCG worked on the recreation of SONAE MC logistics in a mini space, with a low rack and two pallets, where some of the contents already used in the demonstration in real context at SONAE were applied.

Among others, were shown in this demo: the contents of the rack, the flows of movement of the machines, the information present on the labels affixed to the beams and the avatar with the movement of the boxes.

The challenge was to prepare the demonstration in a non-existent environment, set up on the very day of the event.

Engineer Paulo Azevedo, President of the Board of Directors and Co-CEO of SONAE,  experiencing the mixed reality applied in the context of logistics training, at SONAE MC.

CCG e Sonae MC projeto realidade mista

Team Computer Graphics Center – SONAE MC present in the demonstration.