The CCG participated in Smartathon’18 with new solutions and concepts

The CCG – Center for Computer Graphics – participated in Smartathon’18, which took place on January 9, in the Conference Room of the Platform of Arts and Creativity in Guimarães.

Smartathon’18: challenge of co-creation

This “marathon of ideas” aimed to obtain contributions from society, the startup’s ecosystem, innovative companies and the scientific and technological system for the DREAM Smart City proposal, led by the city of Guimarães and included in the Smart Cities & Communities program.

The goal of this co-creation challenge was to promote the generation of ideas and solutions to the priority themes of a Smart City: climate, energy, data, housing, urban space, water, waste, mobility, work, people, and communities.

CCG’s interventions in the initiative

The CCG participated in this initiative through Carlos Neves and João Moutinho, who guided their interventions in the conceptual domain of city politics for the construction of a Smart City and in the field of technological solutions to respond to the concrete challenges of the city of Guimarães.

As a project partner, the CCG will actively collaborate with the Guimarães City Council and the University of Minho in the preparation of the proposal for funding H2020-LC-SC3-SCC-1-2018.


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