CCG integrates an international technical commission for standardization in ergonomics

How will the technology be presented in the autonomous cars? What will be the layout of the instrument panel of the automobile for the driver? How does the driver sit in the car seat? These are some of the issues where the CCG actively participates, giving the best possible answers and the most efficient applications to the users.

CCG in the international technical ergonomics commission

Since December 2017, the CCG has been involved in an international technical standardization commission (under the auspices of the International Organization for Standardization) in the field of road vehicles, participating directly in the adoption of standards that affect the future of millions of people worldwide.

The CCG, which is the Portuguese member of reference in this subcommittee, will contribute with its know-how to the definition of international standards applicable to everyday life regarding automotive ergonomics and autonomous driving.

It was the IPQ (Portuguese Quality Institute) that nominated the GCC, namely its applied research domain PIU (Perception Interaction and Usability), as the Portuguese national laboratory that will participate in the international discussions on ergonomics, helping to shape the future of automobiles and the people who use them in the coming years.

iso piu ccg ergonomia

Participation of the CCG – PIU

One of the working groups in which the PIU will actively participate, defining standards to be applied globally, is ISO/TC22/SC39/WG 3, which addresses the interaction of the driver with the environment and with the driving systems.

The role of the CCG, through the PIU laboratory, led by development coordinator Carlos Silva, is to bring new knowledge to the definition of norms and to improve existing norms, providing direct inputs on the matter and voting on changes in norms.

PIU is known for its work in areas of human factors and usability. One of the Research and Technological Development (ID & T) projects that the PIU has already developed was HMIExcel – R & D, focusing on the development cycle and the production of advanced multimedia solutions for the automotive industry, in partnership with Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal and Minho’s University.

The CCG is also part of a technical comittee for the dematerialisation of documents and electronic invoicing.