CCG held the Think Tank “Computer Graphics and Computer Vision”

The CCG (Centre for Computer Graphics) held a Think Tank session dedicated to the theme “Computer Graphics and Computer Vision”, on May 23, at its facilities, at the Azurém Campus of the University of Minho, Guimarães.

This session brought together about 30 representatives from a wide range of companies and institutions to discuss topics that related technology applied to three sectors: Health, Industry & Real Estate.

It was up to CVIG (Computer Vision Interaction and Graphics), the CCG’s Applied Research Domain intrinsically linked to computer graphics, to enhance the technological potentialities and opportunities associated with each of these sectors.

After the presentation of the projects and the work of the CCG / CVIG to the participants, 3 discussion groups (Health, Industry, and Construction) were formed, dividing the groups into 3 different spaces, debating multiple and interesting technological issues related to these areas.

Think Tank: the impact of technology on Health, Industry, and Construction

In the health table the quantitative medical image was discussed, namely the support to the development of automatic systems of segmentation of tissues and organs; the development of methods for the detection and diagnosis of pathological lesions; and the massive exploration of spaces with the objective of selecting the set of characteristics with higher performance for a certain pathology.

In the textile industry, the advantages of automatic optical inspection in different phases of the production process were discussed, as well as the advantages of solutions for detecting, recognizing and following objects and people.

Regarding construction and real estate, the focus was on remote and local collaboration with mixed reality; in the information visualization systems of projects, real estate in the final target space; in the creation of virtual environments for simulation and prototyping; and also in the creation of systems of customization of spaces and products.



Think Tank conclusions

At the end of all the dynamization, the specific conclusions of the different groups were presented.

In health, the problem of the distance between R&D and users’ reality was taken into account, concluding the need for validation of tools and new approaches in precision medicine. In addition to the cost – benefit of technologies, the RGPD ‘s impact on data collection and the complexity of certification were addressed.

In the textile industry, regarding artificial vision, it was agreed that there were challenges in the inspection of fabrics with lists and patterns. The technology can have a strong impact in this chapter, with automatic inspection to solve these challenges, rather than manual inspection. The goal is to develop an optical inspection solution that does not detract from the production process, guaranteeing the speed of detection.

Under construction, the next steps to be taken in the application of augmented reality and virtual reality were identified, with the need to intervene in public policies that stimulate its use throughout the construction process and the exploitation of real estate assets.

These conclusions will be further detailed and made available to the participants in the event.

This action has the co-financing of the Operational Program Norte2020, and European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund, in the context of actions Transfer of Scientific and Technological Knowledge of the CCG.