Conclusion of the HMIExcel Project – advanced multimedia solutions for the automotive industry

No âmbito do protocolo de cooperação entre a Universidade do Minho e a Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, a primeira fase desta colaboração terminou em Junho, através da finalização do projeto de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico (ID&T), intitulado HMIExcel – I&D, que incide Under the cooperation agreement between the University of Minho and Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, the first phase of this collaboration was completed in June, by finalizing the Research and Technological Development (ID & T) project entitled HMIExcel – R & D, focusing on the cycle of development and production of advanced multimedia solutions for the automotive industry.

The Applied Research Domain PIU “Perception, Interaction and Usability” of the CCG, participated actively in this project, coordinating the areas of human factors and usability. Sandra Mouta, Development Coordinator, of the A.R.D. PIU, emphasizes the importance of these areas in the development process of any multimedia solution:

Nowadays, the new multimedia solutions create several challenges related to the human-machine interface and, in this context, the approach to the user and the contribution of the Human Factors area and usability become fundamental during the creation of the concept of interaction or of product development.


To this end, the CCG was responsible for the implementation of an infrastructure for validation and testing of new HMI solutions, through tasks such as:

  • Confronting existing standards and recommendations;
  • Definition of user-centered requirements;
  • Specification of test scenarios and case studies;
  • Implementation of task analyzes and test protocols;
  • Usability, workload and security analysis.

The implementation of these tasks, in interactivity with the design and development teams, allows a flow of continuous improvement of the concept or product and/or generation of recommendations for the development of future solutions. In this way, the impact of these interventions will be measurable from the perspective of (1) the product and the (2) process:

1. Focused on user performance, satisfaction, and safety;
2. Effectiveness, efficiency, and return on investment of the process.

In the end, recommendations and guidelines based on parameters and quantifiable criteria could be generated, which were specified based on principles, standards and heuristic rules. The earlier the user-based requirements are included in the process, the greater the impact of this type of intervention.
In addition to contributing to the achievement of the results proposed specifically in the project, HMIExcel has enabled us to acquire and establish a solid knowledge base, a set of procedures and tools and a set of competencies that allow us to face and respond to present and future challenges.