R & D Topics

  • Electronic surveillance;
  • Object recognition;
  • Facial recognition and detection;
  • Medical Image Analysis;
  • Industrial applications (metrology, detection of defects, etc.);
  • Semantic recognition of scenes;
  • Assistance and Remote Collaboration with Mixed RealityIncreased;
  • Virtual Assistants (Avatars);
  • Extended Reality;
  • Visual Analytics;
  • Gamification.


Services for the market

  • Applications of Local or Remote Technical Assistance with new technologies (Augmented RealityVirtualMixed);
  • Mixed Reality Applications for Training|Formation; Augmented Reality Applications for Books; Virtual reality applications for virtual prototyping; Mixed Reality Applications Increased for industrial equipment maintenance;
  • Immersive Product Visualization ApplicationsBuildings;
  • Design and Implementation of Automatic Optical Inspection systems;
  • Implementation of Computer Vision Systems/Image Processing for a wide range of purposes.