The CVIG "Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics" is the applied research domain of the CCG whose mission is to respond to the innovation needs of companies and research centers in emerging technologies such as the processing and analysis of signs and images, intelligence artificial (pattern recognition, machine [deep] learning), computer graphics, multimedia and visual interaction (visual analytics, augmented reality, virtual and mixed), among others.

The CVIG team already has countless projects (carried out and running) in its areas of activity, collaborating closely with the engagLab group of the ALGORITMI Center of the University of Minho.



General objectives

  • Conceive artificial vision algorithms and methods to support new market trends.
  • Develop technologies based on artificial intelligence techniques to support emerging market applications such as industry 4.0 and semantic scene analysis.
  • Generate platforms and technologies based on virtual/ augmented/mixed techniques for applications such as remote assistance, digital manuals, intelligent systems to support industrial equipment maintenance.
  • To develop methods and algorithms to support quantitative medical image analysis.
  • Design and implement automatic optical inspection systems in the emerging industry.
  • Create innovative IoT solutions based on sensory processing/signal analysis.