UMC - Urban and Mobile Computing is the domain intrinsically linked to Mobile and Urban Computing, positioning itself as an emerging area, which aims to provide people with new and more complete experiences in their experience of urban space through new computational applications. Public spaces, industry and even transport systems are increasingly integrating a greater number of computing devices. Wireless and mobile communications networks are also ubiquitous and people are adept at personal computing and electronic communication devices.

The UMC collaborates closely with the group Ubicomp (Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems Group (UBICOMP), of the ALGORITMI Center of the University of Minho.

General objectives

  • Create urban intelligence mechanisms;
  • To stimulate intelligent and sustainable mobility;
  • Investigate the different dynamics of cities;
  • Promote Assisted Living and Telemedicine technologies;
  • Contribute to the development of innovative home automation systems;
  • Create ubiquitous and pervasive solutions in the area of mobile computing;
  • Tracking people and/or resources indoors or outdoors;
  • Develop tools to support multimodal transport systems;
  • Create innovative IoT solutions.