Companies seek to stimulate innovation activities in the CCG

The cross-cutting nature of Information, Communication and Electronic Technology (ICT), with all its weight in the competitiveness of companies and with all of its solutions to the emerging challenges, makes Research & Development (R & D) in ICT one of the greatest innovation drivers.

In this context, the technologies of “computer graphics” gain a special relevance, allowing the valuation of the competences of the business fabric.

FUJITSU Central Europe, FUJITSU Portugal, Sonae, Sonae Arauco, Leica Camera AG, and Leica Portugal visited the CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica and the School of Engineering of the University of Minho in Azurém, in order to stimulate research, development and innovation activities.

CCG, as UMinho’s Technological Interface Center, has been collaborating with companies and institutions that wish to implement technologically advanced solutions that will accelerate and integrate new processes, services and products based on scientific knowledge and technological development, implemented by the GCC applied research domains.

The representatives of the institutions present at the CCG got to know some results of the bet in activities and innovative projects, based on ICT technologies. Among many others, the possibilities of applying computer vision in industry and logistics, computerization systems management of industrialization projects, localization systems in process optimization, and the development of skills in virtual reality environments were exemplified.

CeNTI (Centre of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials) and CITEVE (Textile and Clothing Technological Center) are the next scheduled visits to the CCG in the scope of creating technological synergies.