Industry 4.0 and the remodeling of human-machine interaction under analysis

Critical Manufacturing and the Center for Computer Graphics (CCG) co-hosted the “Industry 4.0: Reshaping The Human Machine Interfaces” event that took place on January 24, at DSI, of the Azurém campus of the University of Minho, in Guimarães.

At this free entry conference, CCG gave a presentation of its recent developments and projects in the area of human-machine interaction, while Critical Manufacturing released the results of its HMI project, UX-FAB – Universal Experiences for Advanced Fabs.

CCG’s intervention

The CCG presented some of the innovative technology projects that it is developing, such as AGATHA (an intelligent criminal investigation system), MaxCut4Fish (a smart fish cutting system), and UH4SP (a software architecture, service oriented and technological solutions, incorporating the paradigm of IoT and Industry 4.0) through Miguel Guevara, development coordinator of the domínio CVIG.

Carlos Silva, the development coordinator of the CCG’s PIU domain, spoke about the technologies and research methods used in projects such as SIGECAR and HMIExcel, where the solutions are designed and tested specifically for the industry, evaluating the usability of the experience providing the best possible end result.

Critical Manufacturing’s intervention

On the Critical Manufacturing side, José Pedro Silva, software engineer of this entity, praised that the focus is increasingly on the user side, and the technological solution should be directed to this, granting it the customization capability. As there are different contexts and realities, different powers of response for each user are also necessary.

As Industry 4.0 focuses on the consumer, with possibilities of product customization almost to the specific unit, the UX-FAB project tried to introduce this same concept to industrial interfaces, where line operators/managers can create their interfaces. José Pedro Silva demonstrated how the UX-FAB project works and what it allows each user to do.

After these presentations, the various scenarios of Industry 4.0 and the human-machine interfaces were discussed, as well as visits to the laboratories of the CCG, to get a direct knowledge with some of the technologies used in the projects developed by the CCG.

industry 4.0 e remodelação hmi