MoWNet’2014: International conference on selected topics

The MoWNet’2014: international conference on selected topics in Mobile and Wireless Networking occurs in Rome, Italy, September, 2014.

The ever increasing market penetration of smart-phones, tablets, and netbooks, along with the ubiquitous availability of wireless networks are deeply influencing the way people live, work, interact, and socialize. However, the broad popularity and diffusion of innovative services and applications tailored at mobile users is also raising challenging research issues that require us to rethink available mobile technology solutions to meet the emerging needs of a broader and ever growing user base.

MoWNet’2014 aims at addressing recent research results on selected topics in Mobile & Wireless Networking and to present their methodologies, models, technologies, systems, tools, applications, work in progress and experiences.

Mobile & Wireless Networking is an area of interest and action of the UMC – Urban and Mobile Computing department of the CCG.