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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

ALERTFALLS – Falls prevention in older adults living alone


The ALERTFALLS project has as main objective the prevention of falls of older people who are living alone, isolated from the family and away from health care.

Falls are internationally recognized as a critical event and are commonly reported as a safety incident responsible for increased mortality, as well as morbidity. In addition to the serious health problems in the elderly, these incidents entail significant economic costs.

These falls can occur in multiple contexts, frequently in the home of the elderly person, either inside or outside the home, in the garden, for example. Evidence suggests that many elderly people living alone fall, but do not report the episode to family members and/or health care providers, compromising the full extent of existing statistics on this subject.

In practice, living alone carries a high risk of falling. In Portugal, where there are many elderly people, this problem is a reality.

The main objective of this ALERTFALLS project is to develop an application for data recording and calculating the risk of falling in older people living alone, helping to prevent this serious situation.

CCG will work on the technical specification, development, and testing of a mobile solution for Android devices (smartphones and tablets), for the field registration of information relating to the elderly living alone.

It will also work on the technical specification, development, and implementation of server tests that will support the mobile application, including the web portal and web services required for data exchange.

Partners: Escola de Enfermagem da Univ. do Minho, Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto

Financing: Project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the Northern Regional Operational Program (NORTE2020)
Total eligible cost: 148835,44 Euros
EU (ERDF) Support: 126510,12 Euros