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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

ANPEB – Analysis of pedestrians behaviour based on simulated urban environments and its incorporation in risk modelling


The ANPEB project will try to reduce the number of injured pedestrians on the roads.

Among the top priorities for the transport topic of the “Horizon 2020” program is the goal of improving the efficiency, integration, and safety of the transport systems.

Regarding security, the continuous automotive technological development has contributed to a substantial reduction of injury and death risk for vehicle occupants. However, there is a growing need to account for the vulnerabilities of the so-called Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), particularly pedestrians that, in Europe, account for 21% of road kills.

In this scope, the University of Minho leads a research project, funded by FCT, aiming to study risk factors of pedestrians’ behavior.

Different factors will be approached, namely:

  • different kinds of road environments;
  • pedestrians’ demographic profile;
  • interaction with motorized traffic.


The study’s main goal is to obtain risk models that can describe the pedestrian-vehicle interaction in road-crossings without traffic lights, based on the analysis of pedestrians’ behavior.

These models will be grounded on:

  1. field observational studies in which pedestrians’ behavior in real-world situations will be observed, registered and analyzed;
  2. simulated virtual environments that will allow recreating and manipulating road-crossing situations with different risk levels.


CCG, through its domain PIU (Perception, Interaction, and Usability) will have a relevant role on the simulation component, contributing for the construction of simulations and working directly on data gathering and analysis of the simulated environment experiments, which will take place at the CAVE room at CCG facilities.

CCG will contribute for the project outputs, including a set of simulation models of pedestrian-vehicle accident risk as a function of road geometry, pedestrians’ personal traits, perceived risk, vehicle and pedestrian traffic and pavement type. Also planned is the development of attrition models and pedestrians’ group movement models.

Partners: University of Minho, FEUP

Client: University of Minho