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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

AR Portal

2018 - 2019

The AR Portal project aimed at creating an Augmented Reality application to demonstrate the use of the potential of this technology. To achieve this goal, a simple, short term game called AR Portal was created.

AR Portal presents the concept of immersion and the overlapping of the virtual over the real, helping to perceive the concept of Augmented Reality in an interactive way.

With the AR Portal mobile application (available for Android and iOS), it is possible to create a Portal in the space where the person is located with the camera of the mobile phone (it is advisable to use an open space, without obstacles) and to enter the game.

The player then moves in the real space, but seeing the virtual space - the jungle. The goal is to find a lost cat, avoiding all the wild animals that are on the way.

The Portal can be adapted to:

  • games/environments to frame stories in books;
  • immersive presentation of products and concepts;
  • immersive presentation of scenarios;
  • immersive simulation of real environments.

Client: VoxAtlas, Unipessoal LDA

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