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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica



DISPLR is a technological company headquartered in Braga that has developed an innovative solution for the use of public screens for local and contextualized communication. The company’s commercial offer is grounded on Displr Platform, based on which a small business or institution can create and manage, with little effort, a public screen with interactive content fitted to the particular communication needs of the place.

Displr is conducting, together with CCG, an innovation project aiming at the following goals: to furnish the platform with a powerful metrics system fitted to the company’s needs; to increase the scalability of the platform management process; to integrate in it mechanisms which can power its network effects and support its growth.

CCG’s role will be on two main fronts. On the one hand, with the UMC group (Urban and Mobile Computing), it will collaborate in the development of new web applications that will extend the services currently provided by the platform.

On the other hand, with the PIU group (Perception, Interaction and Usability) it will conduct usability studies on the DISPLR platform, feeding the development process and thus making the platform more user-friendly. To do so, the team will assess the current platform using both experts analysis and conducting user-studies. Results will be integrated on the product’s final design and consumer available services.

Client: Displr

Financing: Regional OP Norte