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Easy ride


The current road mobility paradigm is on the brink of a profound change caused by the rise of electrical mobility, automated driving technology and vehicle connectivity. Automated vehicles will become common. They may be individually owned or shared but, in any case, they will be increasingly connected with other vehicles and with the infrastructure. Such changes can bring substantial gains in safety, comfort, efficiency and sustainability of the transport system.
The Easy Ride program will develop technologies to respond to this future mobility paradigm. It is the third iteration of the partnership between the University of Minho and BOSCH CAR Mutimedia. In an extension to previous programs (HMIEXCEL and INNOVCAR) it now addresses also the development of solutions for connected two-wheeled vehicles. For cyclists and motorcyclists, connectivity can bring benefits in terms of comfort, safety and traffic efficiency.

The program will focus on:
• In-cockpit sensors for shared autonomous vehicles;
• Communication between vehicle and infrastructure;
• Connectivity for two-wheeled vehicles;
• Smart cockpits.

CCG will take part in the program through its groups EPMQ, PIU and UMC. Focus will be on supporting the development of solutions for two-wheeled vehicles, development of sensor systems and validation of new proposals for Human-Machine Interaction within the vehicle cockpit.


• Bosch

• University of Minho





União Europeia (FEDER)