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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica



The eVotUM project aims to create an electronic voting system, via the web, accessible to the entire community of the University of Minho (UM).

This system, which will be the first electronic voting system in UM, will allow several simultaneous elections, with anonymity, security, transparency, and uniqueness. It will be available to be used by any UM unit in electoral processes (electoral acts or opinion referendum).

Voters can interact with the eVotUM system by using a browser installed on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The eVotUM system will also provide a voting simulation mechanism for the purpose of demonstrating or accustoming/training the system.

CCG is responsible, through its domain of applied research PIU, for the design of the interface and navigation in the eVotUM system for the various categories of its users (system administrators, electoral commissions and voters), including in this observation the quality and adequacy of the help, alert and error messages generated by the system.

Another responsibility of the CCG is the validation of the system in tests with users.

Partners: CCG, University of Minho, Devise Futures, EuroTux

Client: University of Minho

More info: eVotUM