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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

FAMEST – Footwear, Advanced Materials, Equipment’s and Software Technologies

  • 2017-2020

    FAMEST - Footwear, Advanced Materials, Equipment’s and Software Technologies is a project that will boost innovation in the footwear sector, and the internationalization of the Portuguese footwear.


    This FAMEST mobilizer project focuses on the generation of knowledge and its integration into new competitive solutions, namely in the development of:

    new concepts of fashion, technical, customized or personalized footwear, intelligent, for special niches and global markets;

    • innovative bio, eco, nanomaterials and multifunctional components;
    • digital technologies for production processes, the relationship between the various actors in the value chain and the end customer;
    • new digital technologies, flexible and agile.
    • innovative and environmentally responsible business models.

    The contribution of the CCG occurs at the level of "PPS 1. FAMEST SHOE - Tools and concepts for the shoes of the future" in particular at the level of the activity "A1.7 Development of Anatomical Measurement and Visualization of Footwear" where we aim to research and develop innovative solutions for:

    1. Three-dimensional reconstruction of the foot using photogrammetry;
    2. Anatomical comfort analysis in order to find the ideal footwear for each foot specificity; and
    3. Immersive visualization of tridimensional footwear models, on the foot using augmented reality techniques.


    CCG also participates in the activities:

    • "Prototype construction, pre-series and validation test";
    • "Promotion and dissemination of PPS results";
    •  "Technical management of PPS".


    As well as in PPS:

    • FAMEST DEMO - Dissemination, demonstration and exploitation of results”;
    • FAMEST COORDENA - Global coordination of the project”.


    The FAMEST project is promoted by a full consortium of 23 companies across all the footwear value chain: leather, soles, soles, chemicals, software, equipment, logistics and footwear, and 9 I&I entities with multidisciplinary and complementary competencies that ensure the development of innovative results and their economic valuation by the promoters in the national and international markets.

    Partners: CTCP | Centenário


    • Mobilizer Nº 24529, POCI-01-0247-FEDER-024529
    • Total planned investment: 5. 974. 390.02 Euro
    • Eligible investment planned: 5. 848. 174.15 Euro
    • Total Incentive Expected: EUR 4,220,716.63 Euro
  • O FAMEST é apoiado pelo Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização (COMPETE 2020) e Programa Operacional Regionais na sua componente FEDER.

    • Mobilizador Nº 24529
    • POCI-01-0247-FEDER-024529



    • Centenário
    • CTCP




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