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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

HMIEXCEL – advanced multimedia solutions for the automotive industry


Through a cooperation protocol between University of Minho and Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, the Research and Technological Development (R&TD) project, entitled HMIExcel – R&D, focused on the development and production of advanced multimedia solutions for the automotive industry.

The project aimed to reinforce the investment in R&TD, as well as the development and production of the future mobility concept in the automotive sector.

In this project, CCG coordinated, through its Applied Research Domain PIU -“Perception, Interaction and Usability” - the fields of Human factors and Usability.

To achieve it, CCG was responsible for implementing the validation and test infra-structure of new HMI solution, through tasks like:

  • Confronting existing standards and recommendations;
  • Defining requirements user-centred;
  • Specifying test scenarios and case studies;
  • Implementing tasks analysis and testing protocols;
  • Analysing usability, workload and security.

The implementation of these tasks, in iterativity with the design and development teams, allows a stream of continuous improvement of the concept or product, and/or the generation of new recommendations to the development of future solutions.

Therefore, the impact of these operations will be measurable in the perspective of the (1) product and of the (2) process:

  1. Focused on the performance, satisfaction and user safety;
  2. Effectiveness, efficiency and return on investment of the process

Following the success of the HMIExcel project, the R & D partnership between Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal and the University of Minho resulted in the INNOVCAR project.

Partners: Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, Universidade do Minho