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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

iAdministration – NKA


The iAdministration - NKA project consisted in the development of an interactive and intelligent platform for the relationship between a municipality and its citizen.

This project is presented as an advanced solution of Intelligent Administration, which solves the problematic of the most ambitious modernization processes in the scope of local administration.

This platform can be defined as a Multichannel Expert System for Citizen Service. It is based on an online platform of knowledge management, which includes advanced functionalities, in the form of an Expert System, for the interaction with the citizen and the automation and complete resolution of tasks.

CCG was responsible for the activities of interface generation, based on models, via the transformation of BPMN models in user interfaces; it was also responsible for the activities of module prototyping for the iAdministration platform, through the realization of mock-ups and the realization of unity tests to the iAdministration platform modules.

Client: NKA - New Knowledge Advice Lda.