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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

MiCabCad – Microcalcification based Computer Aided


MiCabCad (Microcalcification based Computer Aided Diagnosis) is an advanced computer solution to support the diagnosis of pathologies related to micro-calcification in mammography solutions. MiCabCad is an highly innovative solution that uses image processing to enhance, identify and extract information from microcalcifications’ clusters, and then applies artificial intelligence techniques in order to identify and highlight suspicious areas.

When compared with existing systems, MiCabCad is at the level of excellent performance and differs by its portability, not associated to any acquisition system or brand, which allows its use on any personal computer.

MiCabCad is available in the form of a plug-in for Osirix® software, which lets you enjoy all the viewing convenience of Osirix® and the pathologies automatic detection of MiCabCad. At this time, it is available for testing on request.

Partners: CCG, Enermeter, Universidade do Minho, Clínica de Imagiologia Dr. Campos Costa

Financing: Projeto QREN nº 21564

MiCabCad (Microcalcification based Computer Aided Diagnosis)