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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

OutSysCognition II

2019 - 2020

OutSystems is a portuguese software company and a world class reference on the development of Low-Code platforms. This kind of software allows the development of complex web applications using mostly visual programming tools, thus avoiding intensive use of written code.

CCG, through its department PIU and in cooperation with researchers from HASLAB (INESCTEC) has been studying the platform, analyzing usage patterns, through empirical tests with users.

The first stage of the project focused on the development of usage models for different kinds of users, which could inform the company about improvement paths for the interface, fostering the usability and acceptance of the platform.

This second stage analyzed telemetry metrics, as well as predictive and cognitive models of potential users.

  • Client: OutSystems
  • Partners: CCG | INESC-TEC