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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

PT21: collaborative design platform


All the steps of the design collections process in a single and private space! This is the concept of the “collaborative design platform", which promotes the interaction and communication between the production company and its customers.

The sharing of inspiration and trends, as well as the creation, approval and management of proposals, has never been so simple!

In PPS5 – ICT4Business, CCG was the responsible partner for the development of the collaborative collection design platform.

This platform integrates all stages of the creative process in designing fashion collections. It enhances and streamlines communication between the production company and its customers, through distance interaction between the designers of both sides, enabling the creation and management collection proposals in a single private room space.

Partners: PPS5: ICT4Business, CCG, CITEVE, Creative Systems, INESC Porto, Tetribérica