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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

Senior Inclusive: 2016 -2019

Project name | Senior Inclusive

Project code | 17967

Thematic objective | Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Intervention Region |North region (Portugal)

Beneficiary  | Hidepixel, Lda.

 | Hidepixel, PIEP, UMinho, CCG

Date of approval | 14-09-2016

Start date | 01-10-2016

End date | 30-09-2019

Total eligible cost | 1.375.972,38€

Approved fund: 998697,87€


The Project SENIOR INCLUSIVE is born out of a market necessity in the health care of home assistance, in the context of Ambient Assisted Living.

It targets the creation of a special equipment composed of a tablet+watch/band totally adapted to both hardware and software to the elderly needs through inclusive design and customization features.

The devices also have the capacity to perform a set of activities, such as video/voice calls, (replacing the traditional phone), interconnection with health monitoring devices, real-time location and fall detection, thus allowing to save lives in an emergency.

The integrated system also provides an online platform where family, caregivers and health professionals can access all data in real time, at the same time that a virtual assistant acts as an interface for the user.

The project assumes itself as a landmark in the scientific research panorama since there will have a set of inventive solutions, non-existent in the market. Besides that, the project gathers a highly qualified consortium with extended qualifications range and covering all scientific field, formed by 4 co-promotors (HidePixel, Universidade do Minho, PIEP, and CG) and 5 services providers (Plux, Fraunhofer PT, Critical Materials, TecMinho, and Progest).

CCG, represented by its domain of applied research CVIG contributes in the following axes:

1) Research & Development of pattern recognition algorithms for the development of a medicine recognition mobile application by computer vision.

2) Research & Development of a Virtual Assistant (Avatar) built with known persons (to the elder) appearance look-a-like, that are an element of company always present in the system. The virtual assistants will communicate with the elderly and can be remotely configured by family or healthcare professionals.

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Financing: Senior Inclusive (project nº 17967), supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the NORTE2020 – National Portuguese Operational Program.

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