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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

SIGECAR: Integrated System for the Management of Shopping and Customer Service in Retail

sistema integrado, sigecar


An excellent customer service is what the SIGECAR project allows to achieve.

This project consists in the development of an automatic tool that, in a preliminary phase of the service process, identifies positive and negative reactions from the client, from the waiting phase to the contact with the employee, through the analysis of the client's nonverbal language.

SIGECAR can signal emotional reactions, expressed through gestures, movements or alterations of the voice of the client, allowing to evaluate positively or negatively his experience within a commercial space or service.

With a real-time evaluation of the users' experience in a commercial space, it will be possible to intervene in preliminary phases of customer contact, improving the entire customer service experience.

The SIGECAR project enables to:

  •     identify the behaviors of the users who most contribute to a quality experience, in the context of a customer service station;
  •     identify metrics that can be extracted automatically through non-invasive image processing techniques;
  •     create a classifier model of the reactions that most contribute to the evaluation of the quality of a customer's experience in a service or commercial space.

Client: Q-Better

Financing: NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-011266, Regional OP Norte