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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

SimRisk: risk simulation in cardiovascular diseases

The SimRisk project consists in a professional application for the risk simulation in cardiovascular diseases, comprising the simulation of cardiovascular risk, the capacity of generating the simulation of the disease and the stratification of the cardiovascular risk.

Taking into account a sequence of parameters, introduced to the system based on a study of lifestyles, the application allows the simulation of the functioning of the cardiovascular system, as well as the analysis of all the data introduced, in order to support the health professionals in the prescription of recommendations, used also as support to exemplify and illustrate the existing dangers for the cardiovascular system, when the risk factors  are not taken into account by the patients.  

CCG was the responsible entity for the development of the whole simulator support platform, which was made available in two distinct applications:

  • A content manager, where the multimedia elements were inserted (videos, PDF files, links), which also included a survey manager to enable easy and fast manipulation of questions.
  • A simulator to be used in medical consultations, granting:
    • Lifestyle study in survey format;
    • Cardiovascular risk simulator;
    • Provision of the data inserted by different users.

Client: Plenitude do Saber