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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

TSIM – Test System Intelligent Machines

2019 - 2022

The Test System Intelligent Machines (TSIM) project, resulting from the pooling of skills and knowledge of the Controlar, Uminho and CCG Consortium, arises from the challenge launched by the Bosch and Uminho partnership materialized through the Bosch Supplier Club Initiative Program.

The TSIM Project aims is ensure the creation of value in Controlar's products (as the current Bosch supplier) and their adaptation to the reality of Bosch 4.0 Industry and the demands of the automotive sector.


Development tools that make CONTROLAR's automated test equipment more flexible, efficient and intelligent.

The CCG, through the Applied Research Domains, CVIG anda EPMQ – IT, contribute to 3 and 1 activities respectively. In general, it includes the development of:

 - (1) multiple coupling modules that allow testing of different types of products on the same equipment;

 - (2) a self-diagnosis system;

 - (3) the inclusion of mixed and augmented reality (RA) for information visualization of the testing equipment and after sales service.


Availability of test tools with advanced maintenance support systems to meet Bosch standards of excellence with regard to the quality control of its products and processes, as well as the maintenance of their production equipment.


  • Controlar
  • CCG - Centro de Computação Gráfica
  • University of Minho

  • Investment:: 1 541 716,56€
  • Support ERDF: 996 463,95€
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