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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

valorTICE – promoting and exploring ideas and promising projects in ICT applications


The ValorTICE project aims at, fundamentally, increase the economic impact and the public benefits of scientific and technological knowledge, existing in national and international entities of the University and Polytechnic higher education, along with the national industry sector, in particular by increasing notoriety and visibility of projects, technologies and researchers.

The strategy to adopt undergoes identifying projects and researchers of national and international entities of Polytechnic higher education, with expertise in selected areas, and work with these agents in the promotion and dissemination of this scientific and technological knowledge to the Industrial sector of the NUT II North, Centre and Alentejo.

The implementation of these six methodological development lines is pursued:

1. Identify projects and researchers with work in the areas of expertise concerned.
2. Establish protocols for dissemination and exploitation of knowledge and technology selected.
3. Develop communication materials and promotion of technologies/projects identified.
4. Undertake a set of demonstration and recovery initiatives with the industry sector.
5. Establish networks of cooperation with international bodies in the field of transfer of technology.
6. Develop a summary of best practices and case studies in the field of knowledge transfer.

Promoter: Associação CCG/ZGDV - Centro de Computação Gráfica

Financing: COMPETE2020 through European funds under the ERDF.

Approved investment: 361 352,87EUR

Support ERDF: 307 149,94EUR