Industry 4.0: platform presentation IMP_4.0

27 novembro

F3M customers’ adoption of the Intelligent Factor paradigm makes sense only if management software solutions are able to receive, interpret and efficiently use the information generated by the different stakeholders along the value chain.

F3M wanted to adopt solutions that allow the automatic and real-time retrieval of data generated by different industry employees, such as confections, retailers or suppliers, and promote more expeditious and decentralized decision-making.

The IMP_4.0 PROJECT aims at researching and developing a service integration and interoperability platform in a Cloud Computing model with support for software product line variability.

In this regard, F3M invites you to participate in the IMP_4.0 Conference to be held on November 27. F3M considers it important to share experiences on the part of the different actors of the value chain because it believes that it is in this concerted effort that is the success for the development of solutions that respond effectively to the requirements of this new paradigm.

Online registration in this link.