FAMEST: it started the mobilization project to stimulate the national footwear

The kick-off of the mobilizing project FAMEST – Footwear, Advanced Materials, Equipment, and Software Technologies – was given on November 22 at the Technological Center of Footwear of Portugal by more than three dozen key players: leading footwear companies and research, development, and innovation entities, such as the Centre for Computer Graphics (CCG).

projeto mobilizador famest

FAMEST mobilization project aims

As the name FAMEST indicates, this project will drive innovation in the footwear industry. Its objective is to develop the implementation of the Research and Innovation Agenda, assumed by the Portuguese Cluster of Footwear and Fashion for the period 2014-2020.

In the course of the next decade, the Cluster will work on the internationalization of national footwear, making it a world reference, through the sophistication and creativity of the offer, the differentiation of materials and production processes, and the quality of products and business models.

With the Research and Development work carried out at FAMEST, the footwear and fashion industry will be able to make a qualitative leap, expecting that in three years the industry will be better and richer with the results obtained.

FAMEST consortium

This ambitious project is promoted by a consortium of 23 companies related to footwear (leather, insoles, soles, chemicals, software, equipment, logistics, retail), as well as 9 I & I entities.

These entities, which include the CCG, have multidisciplinary capacities that guarantee the continuation of innovative results and the proper monetary appreciation in the national and international markets by the promoters.


CCG R&D partner in Portugal 2020

The CCG  is a qualified entity by the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN) for the Provision of Research and Technological Development (R & TD) and for the Consulting and Services of Support to the Innovation in the business fabric.

O CCG actively participates in the European Community support framework Portugal 2020 and is available to integrate mobilizing projects, in order to support small and medium companies in individual R&D, R&TD projects and Co-Promotion of R & DT.

It should be noted that the GCC has already contributed to major structuring and mobilization projects in the sector, such as FACAP – Fábrica do Calçado PEDIP and FATEC – Fábrica De Alta Tecnologia Para Fileira Do Calçado.

The contribution of the CCG in this FAMEST project occurs at the level of “PPS 1. FAMEST SHOE – Tools and concepts for the shoes of the future” in particular at the level of the activity “A1.7 Development of Anatomical Measurement and Visualization of Footwear” where we aim to research and develop innovative solutions.

Support for the project

FAMEST Footwear, Advanced Materials, Equipment’s and Software Technologies project is supported by FORTUNATO O. FREDERICO & CA LDA promoter and it counts with the co-financing of the COMPETE 2020 Program under the Research and Technological Development Incentive System R & D – Mobilizing Programs, involving an eligible investment of 5.9 million euros.