UH4SP: a Remote Assistance with technological Weight!

Source of the article and photo: Cachapuz Bilanciai Group

Imagem Assistencia Tecnica AR

The concept of Remote Assistance (RA) consists in the development of a visual assistance platform that would allow a technician to collaborate, in real time, with a specialist during such scenarios as inspections, evaluations, diagnostics or support processes. The technician broadcasts, via a Mixed Reality Head Mounted Display such as the Microsoft Hololens, a live feed of their field of view, complementing audio/video communications to better diagnose and resolve cases of breakdowns in complex machinery such as industrial scales.

The specialist, assisted by their greater experience and more in-depth knowledge of the equipment, as well as access to precise technical information, can diagnose the breakdown and guide the technician on the scene in performing the appropriate repairs, assisted by multimedia content that is placed within the technician’s field of view. Amongst this multimedia content the specialist can place photos containing, for instance, diagrams or schematics, static or animated 3D models, videos depicting maintenance steps, annotations, text, and PDF files; virtually superimposing these, with relative accuracy, over the physical form of the target equipment.

Through RA companies can maximize the efficiency of their specialized human resources, streamline and optimize their remote assistance services, and cut down costs pertaining to the time wasted and logistics involved in having their specialists physically relocate to the site of the breakdown, making companies that embrace RA highly competitive and ahead of the curve.

In the context of the UH4SP project, the Center for Computer Graphics is developing a remote assistance suite designed to fit the needs of Cachapuz’s repair and assistance services, providing further added value to other areas such as Marketing and Customer Service.

The UH4SP project is led by Cachapuz in co-promotion with the Department of Production and Systems of the University of Minho, the Association C.C.G./Z.G.D.V. – Computer Graphics Center, and Eurotux Informática.

All information about this project can be found on the website www.uh4sp.com.

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nuno sousa cvig

Nuno Sousa | Project manager @CCG, A.R.D. CVIG

Nuno Sousa has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, with specializations in Application Engineering and Software Analysis and Design, both in Computer Engineering, at the University of Minho. In the last 10 years, he has been involved in the development and implementation of several projects in the areas of Augmented Reality, Software Development (Web and Desktop), Human-Computer Interaction, Mobile Computing, Home Automation, Information Systems, and Software Engineering.