UMinhoTech Project – Technology for Future promotes technology transfer in the corporate fabric

UMinhoTech. This is the name of the project that intends to boost the economic valuation of the scientific knowledge produced at the University of Minho and its Technological Interfaces, namely at CCG – Center for Computer Graphics, at PIEP – Innovation Center for Polymer Engineering and CVR – Centro for the Valorization of Waste.

With more than 57 thousand graduates, the University of Minho (UM) represents about 10% of the Portuguese scientific system. In addition, the UM is one of the national institutions with greater capacity of coordination of great European projects.

Consortium UMinhoTech

The UMinhoTech project will be developed by PIEP – Innovation Pole in Polymer Engineering, in partnership with CCG – Center for Computer Graphics and CVR – Center for the Valorization of Waste.

Objectives of UMinhoTech

With the complete name of UMinhoTech – Technology for Future, the project’s main objectives are to:

  • promote the economic valuation of the R & D results produced by UM and its Technological Interfaces;
  • strengthen the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the business sector.

Given the dynamics introduced by this project, it is also intended to:

  • boost communication with the business fabric;
  • promote the visibility of R & D units;
  • to raise new projects and clients;
  • grant to companies an integrated response from Universe University / Research Centers;
  • internationalize UM and its Technological Interfaces.

UMinhoTech Interfaces

Innovative project approach

To achieve these goals, the project consortium will implement an innovative approach to the business sector, with the creation of an ecosystem made up of the University of Minho and it’s Technological Interfaces (PIEP, CCG, CVR, and TecMinho).

This ecosystem is concretized in the design of the brand “UMinhoTech”. This brand brings together the portfolio of scientific and technological services and expertise designed these knowledge centers, demonstrating the added value for companies in collaboration with these centers.

An interactive technological platform will also be developed for the dissemination of the UMinhoTech brand and for the transfer of knowledge from knowledge centers to companies.

In the Campus of Azurém, in Guimarães, a showroom will be created, with a sample of the best technology of the academy and its interfaces, which will act as the living room for companies and institutions visiting UM.

For the dissemination of the scientific and technological competences of this ecosystem, three projects will be implemented to demonstrate the technology of R + D + I activities.

In order to increase visibility at international level, the UMinhoTech promoter consortium will participate in international events and promote participation in international cooperation platforms and networks.

Project financing

This project is supported by COMPETE 2020 under the Collective Action System, involving an eligible investment of 898,000 euros, resulting in an ERDF incentive of 763,000 euros.